Beginning a blog like this, and especially so in that it’s my first such attempt, I hope that it will wind up being read by folks who don’t know me. You might think that that goes without saying, but I’m not so sure; I guess different people have different goals for their blogs, and in the vastness of Cyber Space I’m fairly certain that there are a few folks who set them up just for family and/or friends. I am not such a person.

As anyone who has read pulse or a draft of Just Not Feeling It knows, my work is always prefaced with an advisory that within it the reader will come across reference to alcohol and drug abuse and to the use of profanity. If my desire to be read by folks who don’t know me becomes a reality, then you folks need to know that you will find such language and such topics within.

Concerning the drug and alcohol abuse stuff, I don’t write of such topics because I’m proud of my spotty coming of age; in fact, the opposite of that is closer to the truth. Still, that spotty coming of age is mine. I own it, so I own it.

I try to limit the profanity as much as possible, and I do a good job of it. If you think of it, there aren’t too many occasions that really require the use of it. Still, they do rise up occasionally, and I think it’s a disservice to the message if I shy away from those situations.

So, thanks.

Until soon…

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