Joe Walsh

I was ten years old in 1976, so I’ve listened to a handful of people’s shares of FM, album rock oriented radio, and I’ll tell you, a lot of it I just don’t care too much to hear anymore. This even includes stuff by artists I once loved; I’ve just heard it so much that I don’t care to hear it any more.

Marcie Rohde recently made me realize that I love hearing CCR‘s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,”–my unchanging favorite from that band since Matt Blackwell first played it for me back in ’83–and we reference Fogerty’s solo hit “Centerfield” at work, so I get a kick out of that one when I hear it. Other than that, I ain’t got nothing for those cats.

When it comes to Heart, a deejay might catch my ear if he or she plays something obscure or “Dog and Butterfly,” but if all he or she has is another tired spinning of “Barracuda,” or a cover of “Rock and Roll,” well, then, I got leaves to blow.

When it comes to The Doobie Brothers, man, I ain’t got no business listening to anything those dudes have to say.

I could name more.

In between all of time I spend listening to other stations, there is at least one FM rock staple that makes going back to check worth the while, and that is Joe Walsh.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize how great my appreciation for Mr. Walsh’s music is until recently. I guess it began about a year ago when I bought The Eagles‘ latest album, the two-disk Long Way Out of Eden. The album had all of the heavy weight and hope that Henley, Frey, and Schmidt could put into it; and then there was Joe to occasionally step in and say, “All right, all right, all’s cool. Nobody bought the hand basket yet.” And I was digging on what the had going on, like I always had.

I first saw Walsh on an interview with David Letterman in the early 80s, and the guy was far enough out there for me to get into. Still, it took me over two and a half decades to realize what an appreciation I have for the man’s music.

That finally came a couple of weeks ago when Becky and I were driving to work and one of Joe’s tunes–it may have been “Life’s Been Good”–came on the radio. I was listening to the tune and enjoying it, and all of the sudden I realized that there isn’t a Joe Walsh song–be it from his James Gang or Barnstorm days, or from his solo career or his years with The Eagles–that I don’t enjoy hearing on the radio.

Here’s a list of some of Walsh’s radio staples:

* Life’s Been Good

* Ordinary Average Guy

* Funk #49

* Rocky Mountain Way

* All Night Long

* A Life of Illusion

I’m also a big fan of “The Confessor,” but you don’t hear that one any radio stations these days.

All of those songs are available on Check em out. If you’re like me, you’ll feel better for doing so.

Thanks for reading. More later.

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