“I not Tater; I cousin Finn”

Finn has been doing this pretty funny thing, and Becky and I have both been telling folks about it at work, so I figure it’s funny enough to mention here.

Isaak calls him “Cousin Finn,” and, Lord knows that Becky and I call him everything under the sun. I’ve always been a big nickname kind of guy, and, where Finn has concerned, Becky picks up the habit. Here are a list of names that Finnegan might be called in one day.

1. Finn 2. Finnegan 3. Minn 4. Bop or Bopper 5. Tater 6. Finnbop 7. Doodle 8. Pumpkin 8. Pumpkin seed 9. Pumpkin Doodle 10. Tater tot

I’m sure there are more I can’t think of right now. So, you gotta think that there are about twelve names we could call him  at any given time; however, these days Isaak has started calling him Cousin Finn, so, by golly, when he’s being contrary, such as he was last week when he wasn’t feeling too well, He’s not anybody but Cousin Finn.


“Hey, Bop.”

“I not Bop; I Cousin Finn.”


“Come here, Tater.”

“I not Tater; I Cousin Finn.”


And so it went, that was until he realized that he could use this tool to be contrary in other less linear and rational ways.


“Are you sleepy?”

“I not sleepy; I Cousin Finn.”


“Are you stinkybutt?”

“I not stinkybutt; I Cousin Finn.”


It’s pretty funny.

More later. Thanks for reading.

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