I Tried to be a Blogger

I tried to be a blogger; I did. That was in late 2009 and early 2010; however, as with so many things in my writing life, it didn’t offer the instant gratification that I seem to always be looking for from my writing, so it fizzled quickly.

When I say that it didn’t offer the “instant gratification,” I mean to say that I didn’t get as many readers from the outset that I had hoped to get, so I just kind of gave up on it. Again, this is indicative of so many things in my life prior to sobriety; I could never be satisfied with the process. I didn’t want to work to get the results I wanted; rather, I just wanted everything to come quickly and easily. These days, I’ve come to realize that nothing worthwhile comes in such fashion.

Having been sober for over 34 months, I now respect the process of all things with much more patience than I did in my first 45 years or so. It’s showing in my writing too. In those almost three years that I’ve been sober, I’ve completed a full-length stage play, The Way Men Love, and I’m 50,000 words along on a novel, The Beautiful Putrescence. The novel is currently on the back burner, as I work on an epistolary work of nonfiction, which currently doesn’t have a title that I can share.

And now I’m going to try to be a blogger again. Say a prayer for me.

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