That’s Why I’m Here

I’m hoping to have a decent amount of first time readers on this blog in the next couple-few weeks, and I think it behooves me to fill you in on what I’m doing here.

I started this blog almost seven years ago, then I stopped posting on it about six and a half years ago. I was still in the throes of my problem drinking then, and I don’t think I sustained anything worthwhile for any length of time.

I’ve always thought of blogs as a bit haughty; who is anyone, really, to have an endless blank page onto which to pour each and every thought he or she might have? Especially when such a high percentage of people who think you need their opinion have opinions that are so undesirable.I think, in its purest form, the blog can be a lovely and remarkable tool. There is no doubt that the advent of this form has, in some ways, made this a better world. Since it’s open to everyone, however, it has done a lot of damage as well.

I want to say one thing right now: I’m not here trying to change your mind about anything or to get you to think or believe as I do. I’m sure I’ll get into realms driven by my opinions, but I don’t think I’ll be doing so to make you think any certain way; rather, I interest myself. I pity the person who doesn’t find himself or herself interesting. Some people might find it conceited for me to say that I find myself interesting, but I can’t stand the thought of living in the skin of someone who doesn’t.

The reason I’m here is to create an on-line presence for potential agents to get a feel of who I am and whether or not I can write. Agents these days look to social media for some of that, but my existence in the social media world is just one more casualty of those drinking years. I don’t have a presence in that realm, nor will I. Thus, this is what you get.

Being such a tool, I’m  going to be posting things from my writing years. Some of you who know me and my writing will certainly see things you have read or heard previously. I ask you to bear with me; there will be plenty of new stuff; I just have to use some of the old stuff to fill things in and help me define who I am as a writer.

Thank you, and God bless.

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