I can imagine that people who come to this blog, especially those who know me from my work behind the bar, have the expectation that I’ll be talking some about music, but I really haven’t. There was some stuff about music when I was having my first go around at this blogging business–that was back in 2009/10–but I can’t recall having written anything since I picked it back up this year.

So, here’s a little something about music.

I’m currently listening to some Stephen Simmons, a YouTube mix. A duet of “New Scratches” with Molly Jewell is currently playing. Stephen has a new album out, A World Without.It was released on Friday, but I haven’t been able to get it on itunes yet.

For those of you who don’t know him, or know of him, he’s a Nashville troubadour, who has been grinding out at the Nashville folk/rock/country life for about 20 years and 10 albums. He’s also a personal friend.

That is not the reason I say that his album Something in Between, from 2008, is one of my top five country albums ever. No, I may not have listened to as much country as the next guy, but I’ve listened to enough to make that a serious statement. It’s just a fantastic album. It’s also the only album I’ve written a full review of on Amazon. That review happens to be under Becky’s name (LeClair), but only because I happened to have been signed in on her account.

I wrote it; it’s there. Check it out. While you’re there, buy the album. If you can honestly tell me it wasn’t worth the purchase, I’ll give you your money back.

I look forward to hearing the new stuff.

Before that I was listening to Songs About Jane by Maroon 5. I started the full album for the first time since Rene died, so, I guess about seven years ago.

This is probably the album he and I listened to most as we drove all over Charleston and the surrounding area during a long stretch of months into years during his illness. I had to play it this time on YouTube because my copy was in his CD player when he died. I’ve not seen Becky, his widow, since the day of the memorial service to get the things of mine he had. I can’t say I wouldn’t like have the nice memories they carry with them, but I’ll just have to use YouTube and look at pictures of him in the WVU ski hat. I’ve replaced the copy of A River Runs Through It a couple of times. I’ve got plenty of dumbbells.

So, there’s a bit about music, but I have to get to bed. I have to go to rehearse a song with the praise and worship team in the morning. I’ll be singing in church–for only the second time–on the last Sunday in September.

Be well. You’re in my prayers.

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