Juggling the Aspects of the Writing Life

I started this blog to serve as a place where potential editors and agents can go to see some of what I’m all about as a writer, in lieu of a social media presence, which I don’t have and hope not to need. That being such, my writing career would probably be well served if I posted on it every now and then, eh? A working blog is expected to have at least two entries a week, and you would have to go back six weeks to find that much output here.

I can’t imagine that would make a good impression on those people who are in positions to help my career. It probably leaves them thinking things like, “Man, for someone who is spending so much time trying to get himself noticed as a writer, this guy doesn’t seem to be doing very much writing.” They wouldn’t be altogether wrong in such an assessment, as I haven’t been doing a lot of creative writing lately. That doesn’t mean, however, that I haven’t been spending much time working on my writing career. In fact, these last three months have been one of the three or four most productive quarters in my writing life; however, not much of the work during the last month has been spent actually writing.

That time, instead, has been spent going through twenty or so years of word files and beginning in earnest my life in the world of submissions and queries.

In the last 13 days, I have submitted three short stories, all of which have been written in the last three months, and 20 poems, some of which date back 15 to 20 years. I currently have submissions being considered by seven publications. I am also on the verge of sending out my first queries, and I’m set up to submit other work more quickly every day.

Thus, there haven’t been many blog posts.At this point, I can’t imagine there’s anyone who is checking in on a regular basis to see if I have posted anything new, but if there is, I promise to try to be better and post more often.I appreciate anyone who happens to be reading the words, for whatever reason. I’m working hard every day to give you something worth reading. Please keep me in your prayers.

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