Getting over It (Part 3)

At no point was the he second phase of my illness as bad as those first 30 hours, and, aside from the illness itself and my spending all or most of both phases lying down in front of a screen, the two periods had little in common.

Once I certainly did begin to feel poorly again, I abandoned the futon in the office for the sofa in the living room and the 11 inch screen of this computer on which I am now typing for the aforementioned big screen. The setting and machines weren’t the biggest changes, though; the biggest change was that I was in charge of the second phase, whereas the bug was in charge of the first. Plus, during that first day, I really wasn’t watching much; rather, I had it on a loop and a simply moved in and out of violent illness and troubled, spotty, and sporadic sleep while it played.

Once downstairs, despite the occasional revisitations of my puking spells, I was choosing things to watch and watching them. With two or three of them, I was even paying for them. Between Monday evening and somewhere around the end of Tuesday, I watched five movies.

I now recall how I spent one of those hours of Monday evening, between Kathy leaving and the run; I spoke with my friend Beth Ann for the first time in about four months. Like most upwardly mobile 22 year friends, Beth Ann and I don’t catch up that often; I think that’s mainly because we don’t need to: She’s taking care of her stuff, I’m taking care of my stuff, and no news means good news. We can reach each other when we need, and I just so happened to need her that night.

I’m not sure if she has any kind of consecutive years streak going or not, but Beth Ann is my friend who makes it a point to watch all of the films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. I wanted her opinion on what I should watch.

Of the nine Oscar films, I had seen four to that point, Hell or High Water, Arrival, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight. (Other notable movies I had seen prior to that were Nocturnal Animals and  The Sunset Limited.)

I have now seen two more of the Oscar nod list, and three more of note on top of that.

In that 30 or so hour span leading up to Wednesday morning, I watched Hidden Figures, Fences, Paterson, Sing Street, and An Unfinished Life.

I have to tell you, that’s just a big ol’ list of movies to see in a span of a little more than a day. Come back for the next chapter, and I’ll take two or four sentences to tell you my overall impression of each of them.

2 Replies to “Getting over It (Part 3)”

  1. Hi Paul. Somewhat enjoyed reading about your past few days! We’ll have to talk about the movies you watched next Sunday. I haven’t seen many of them and would like your recommendations.

    Donna (mango tea)

    1. Hey, Donna, thanks for stopping by. I’m always up for talking about movies; it’s just the usually I have seen so few. Hope to see you Sunday.

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