Reds Nearing the Break

My beloved Cincinnati Reds are currently in their next-to-last series before the MLB All-Star break, and I have to admit that I was wrong about their prospects for this season.

Going back to last season, when the Reds were one the best second half teams in baseball, I’ve been telling my brothers that the Reds would contend for a wild card spot this year. Alas, while they are not mathematically out of the wild card race, they’re something like 12 games out of the second slot. So, that probably won’t be happening.

What they aren’t out of, however, is the race for the National League Central crown.

While the Reds are currently in last place in the five team division, they’re only 8.5 games back of the first place club. Add to that the Reds’ favorable second half schedule and the fact that none of the five teams have been consistently strong–the first place Brewers are only six games above .500–and there are many reasons to be hopeful where this team is concerned.

We’ll see in time if my prediction is correct, and I’ll keep you updated on things as they progress.

As if you care.

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