The Purple Kitties (Part 1)

Someone visiting our home for the first time might fear that there is a glitch in The Matrix, when they see one of the purple kitties and then see another seemingly identical one a bit later. “Was it the same cat?”

Then, Lord knows what spastic activity might incur, if he or she would happen to see a third.

Three is the most one can see, as we don’t have a number larger than that when it comes to purple barnyard cats. The number of purple barnyard cats we own is exactly three.

None of them are actually purple, of course; they are gray. They are all boys, brothers from the same litter, and close enough to identical that you can’t tell them apart. When we got them, however, Finn was about two, and gray was “purple” to him, so they are forever to be known as “the purple kitties.”

You’ll be pleased to know that Finn, now ten, sees purple just fine, and he calls it by its correct name. If you show him a purple airplane, or a purple flower, or a purple flower, or a purple minnow bucket, and ask him what color they are, he’ll get it right every time.

Finn wanted to name all of the kitties “Purple,” but we thought that would just add to the confusion, so Becky got him to compromise by naming them “Purple,” “Plum,” and “Violet.”

So, if you’re at the house and you see one of them, you might think, “Oh, there’s a purple kitty,” you’ll have a one in three shot at being correct. Asking one of us the help you determine, however, won’t help; none of us can tell them apart.

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