The Purple Kitties (The Last Part)

Invariably, someone will ask why we don’t put different collars on the cats to help us tell them apart. Yeah, we tried that; it didn’t work.

Apparently purple kitties don’t care for the restraints of collars, as, if memory serves, we didn’t make it five days before all three had found a way to get their collar off.

That was many years back, and I sometimes wonder if they might take to the collars better these days. They might, but I’ll probably never get around to finding out. There just really doesn’t seem to be much need these days. Aside from feeding them, we have little need to interact with them or use their names.

Mabel and Ditto know them apart to deal with them accordingly–holding them all in equally great disdain seems to work for Ditto, but she gets along especially poorly with the standoffish one–so that’s pretty much all that matters. The rest of us just need to make sure the food is dispensed regularly enough; they all need to eat, no matter what their names are and no matter what color they are.

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