A Prayer for the Reader

If you’re reading this, first thank you. I know what all you have going on, with the kids and grandkids and jobs and pursuits and bills and health and well-being, not to mention your hopes and fears, your worries and concerns.

That you have taken time from all of that to spend a few minutes here with me is an honor; I hope what you take from being here is worth the respect you show me.

They are difficult, aren’t they, these lives we live? I don’t know all the ins and outs of the lives of any one of you. I don’t know the plans or hopes you have for today, nor do I know the obstacles you’re facing or the hardships you may have experienced recently. Still, I have no doubt that all of these are present in your lives.

i know this because I, too, live life, and I live with the presence of all of these every day.

Beck and I both work, commute, run a household, pay bills, have personal interests, and try to get a good night’s sleep, while raising active and busy boys, six and ten, and making sure they have everything they need. We keep cars and phones and computers and mowers running, and we make sure the fridge stays stocked and the lights stay on.

Your life may be nothing like that, but I know it requires no less of you.

So, I just want you to know that I’m down with your struggle; I know how difficult it is. I’ll keep you in my prayers, and I hope that you keep us in yours; Lord knows we always need them.


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