Thoughts on Healthcare

I don’t care to talk much about politics. My political views are mine, and I don’t recall many times in my life when anyone has stated a political opinion or shared evidence so enlightening to change my opinions, nor do I have any desire to change anyone else’s opinions. What is more, my experiences have shown me that most people who want to talk politics actually want to argue politics.

Still, recent events have inspired me to say something. There is entirely too much wealth in this country for so many people to have so little of the essentials necessary for the most basic quality of life, food, money, shelter, access to decent healthcare….

I am an Independent voter, and I have equal disdain for both of our political parties. I do so because both parties are driven by people who do nothing more than tow the party line, not allowing themselves to see the intricacies of given issues and situations.

So, at any given time, I might find myself aligned with either party.

When it comes to the ongoing wrangling over a fixed healthcare legislation, I currently have to say I’m against what the Republicans have been proposing, and I have to hope that the reason it isn’t gaining much traction is just that it doesn’t do anything to help the Americans who need the most help: poor people.

As bad as President Obama’s Affirable Care Act might be, the Republican proposal leaves 22 million fewer people with health coverage. I’m certain many people would point out that that is a rather simplistic way of looking at their proposal, that there are various other germane aspects of the bill.

For me, however, that begs the question of whether there should be other aspects of the bill. When we’re dealing with something as important as healthcare, shouldn’t we try to address the problem in and of itself, not concerning ourselves with tax breaks and such?

Warren Buffet, the world’s fifth richest man at $75 billion, made it a point to address this. He said that all this bill is going to do is make rich people richer.

I thank God that that legislation seems to have stalled, because the last thing we need for our society is to have rich people getting even richer at the continued expense of poor people.

So, there’s my two cents. I’m not trying to sway anyone’s opinion or disparage anyone; I would just feel guilty if I didn’t say something.

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