Correspondence with Charlotte, North Carolina

“Ziggle Zaggle” was the first of three important poems that I wrote in ’95. I wrote it in May. Then, the second came in the summer. I’d left Charlotte three or four months earlier, and I was starting to miss it and my friends. “Correspondence with Charlotte, North Carolina” was how I spoke the longing.


Correspondence with Charlotte, North Carolina

I hope you get this letter

sent by heart so fond.

I hope you stopped by Freedom Park

to skip a stone in the pond.

I hope you had nice holidays

and upon your lips a smile.

I hope you find a home

in this life of time and miles.

I hope you think of me

when you think of friendship dear,

I’m so sorry that time and purpose

don’t allow me to be near.

Please forgive me, as your company

I cannot just now embrace,

but I have words to write,

aches to mend,

and demons yet to chase.


2 Replies to “Correspondence with Charlotte, North Carolina”

    1. I’m partial to it too. My Rhonda, you’ve been there supporting me for so long now. It’s hard to believe we’ve been friends for 22 years. I’m so blessed!

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