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Blog Update for July

I want to thank anyone who is reading this post–and others who won’t get around to this one–for helping me conduct a successful experiment with this blog in July. It seems necessary to me that if I’m going to be a successful freelance writer, this blog needs to be active, involved, and growing.

I’m not looking for things to go viral and I’m not expecting 100,000 followers or a million views; rather, this is a place where potential agents, publishers, producers, or anyone else higher up the chain from me–who might be in a position to help me find or place work–can come and see if the dude is actually doing any writing. These pages are designed to answer that question.

I set out in early July to grow the blog in posts and readers. I passed out business cards, which had nothing but the domain address on them, and I texted.

Then I wrote.

I posted 36 times in July, and those posts and the communications helped me reach 192 visitors, who combined for 556 views. My previous best month was 149 views.

So, thanks; you are part of that, and I can’t tell you how much it means. I hope August sees more growth, and I hope something you read here will make you smile or laugh or think in a way that is pleasing.

Be well and joyful.

Much love, many prayers.

3 Replies to “Blog Update for July”

  1. Brother, I’ve spent the past two hours reading your blog, and I must say, the more I read, the more I Want to read. I love you and am so proud of you for giving us your thoughts. Well done!

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