Wopat Follow-up

Well, Tom Wopat has pleaded not guilty to felony assault in the whole deal where he groped the woman. He has also admitted in court to having substance abuse problems, but of his conduct, he said that he flirts but “nothing that could be considered inappropriate.”

Apparently, if what the plaintiff alleges is true, his definition of inappropriate differs from hers. She thinks it’s inappropriate when a man grabs her butt and sticks a finger between the cheeks (per the Waltham Police Report); to Mr. Wopat, however, it’s just a little harmless flirting.

She’s so silly.

Apparently, he does a lot of harmless flirting, because, in statements that also come from the police report, the production’s Assistant Director, Robert Eagle, had already spoken to him three times about complaints from other cast members due to inappropriate comments and touching. He was also drunk at rehearsal once, the whole deal leading Eagle to say that, in his 49 years, he has never “encountered a situation that has been so difficult.”

The other interesting thing to come out of the story as it develops is that Mr. Wopat told police he buys cocaine “in large quantities and uses it over time.”

The only reason he would have told them that is if the two bags of the stuff he was caught with were rather large. Still, and this is a little tidbit from me to you: If you are ever quoted in the paper for telling police that you buy cocaine in large quantities to be used over time, for any reason, it doesn’t seem as if much can help. Yee-haw.

I hope he at least mentioned the allergies…and the rheumatiz’; please, God, don’t let him have forgotten the rheumatiz’.

2 Replies to “Wopat Follow-up”

  1. Rheumatism is any disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissues, especially rheumatoid arthritis.
    It’s one of those hard to diagnose things, so people used to use it as an excuse to drink or get prescriptions, like people use fibromyalgia these days to get pain pills. These conditions are more difficult to pinpoint than most. It’s a cliche that old timers used to blame these needs on “m’ rheumatiz’.”

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