Greta Van Fleet Live!!!

Colby Wayne Snyder (aka Shakedown, aka The Shakedown Sensation, aka Shake, aka Mr. Jenkins) and I will be traveling to the great city of Lancaster this evening to see the Greta Van Fleet show at the Chameleon Club. I have a pretty set rule about Friday and Saturday shows–no matter what we do with the schedule, I  can’t recoup all of those wages, and when added to the ticket price, no show is worth it–but this one seemed like a good one for which to go against that.

(If you want to more about the band, I have an earlier post about them, and you can check them out on YouTube.)

There’s a good chance we’ll be talking about these young men for decades to come, and it will be nice to have seen them in the early days. Plus, I’m really interested to see how well they can transfer their obvious musicianship from the studio to the stage. I’m expecting to be impressed.

I’ll let you know tomorrow. Keep us in your prayers, as you will be in mine.

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