Canadian Reader

When I’m checking up on the progress of this blog, which I do entirely more often than I should, it is always good to see when someone just picks it up and goes with it. I can tell this by the number of visitors versus the number of views. Now that some days’ number of visitors is dipping down into the low single digits, it’s easier to do.

Yesterday, I had two visitors; one of them was Principal Scott. I know this because he commented on a post, and then he was in the bar last night. He told me he had read four or five posts.

It turns out he read four, which means that the second reader read 45 posts, to give me the day’s total of 49. That makes it my second best day ever, in terms of views.

Scrolling down even further, I can see what countries the day’s readers come from. I’ve had readers from Australia, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico so far, which is pretty cool. I was quite pleased to see that yesterday’s second reader came from Canada.

Now, I know no one in Canada, so that means that someone in Canada came upon my site–probably using a search engine for Hall and Oates or Tom Wopat–and he or she stayed and read 45 posts. This is great news indeed.

The only drawback for me was that they didn’t do anything to let me know anything about them. There was not one comment. So, all of you–whether there are only four or five or not–if you have a minute, leave a little comment if only to let me know you were here.

Still, my second best day ever, and just when my outreach had stopped and visitor numbers are waning, it was a pleasant surprise indeed. Knowing for certain that it isn’t a friend or family member just makes it all that much more so.


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