Concerning Writer’s Block as it Concerns a Lack of Ideas

Beautiful people,

As stated in the previous post, I do believe that a lack of ideas is what people think of when they think about writer’s block. I think, however, for true writers, that has to be the furthest thing from the truth.

First of all, when I hear someone claiming to be a writer talking about the hardest part of it for them is coming up with things to write, I have to wonder why they would even care to bother at all. I mean, why would someone care to write when they don’t have any ideas? It seems to me that we choose to write because we do have ideas.

This doesn’t bother me much, and it wouldn’t bother me at all if it didn’t leave the general public thinking there are all of these writers walking around needing ideas for things to write about. That’s the reason I have so many people–and there are certainly more than you can probably imagine–telling me that I should tell their story or I should write about their life. That’s an even more preposterous notion than a writer without ideas.

Why should I tell someone else’s story? If it’s a story worthy of being told, wouldn’t it be best served to be told by the person who is living it? It seems to me that if I had a story that was worthy of being told, if I was living an interesting enough life, then I wouldn’t want anyone telling it but me. In fact, that’s exactly the case. This is my life and my story, and I do want it told, and I can’t fathom anyone doing it other than me.

And that’s what I expect of other writers.

And if all of those people who think their story should be told want to see it told, then I say grab a pen. And if all those writers who can’t come up with ideas want to find some ideas, then I would say to go out and live a little; you’ll be surprised at all of the inspiration that awaits.

So, that’s that. Be good to each other.

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