Kasdan’s Silverado Re-visited and What it’s Like to be a Writer

Some of you may recall the Lawrence Kasdan film Silverado, from 1985. I watched it over the last couple of days–I rarely watch a movie in one sitting these days. I’d always thought I should see it, but just never had. Now I have.

If you haven’t seen it, the cast alone is worth the two-plus hour expenditure. The core is comprised by a group of guys who always hold the screen well.

Kevin Kline takes top billing, I think, and he’s good being that thing Kevin Kline is, but he’s just never quite as good when he’s anything other than straight-up silly. Scott Glenn is strong like Scott Glenn always is. A young Kevin Costner, in the role of a madcap and rambunctious young bad boy (but good guy) gunslinger, might overact it a bit, but still probably steals the show. Brian Dennehy is there, and while I always love him, the bad guy he plays here pales in comparison to the bad guy he plays in Stallone’s First Blood, the first Rambo picture.

I think the Dennehy role is the film in a nutshell. Just like he is not so much of a bad guy to be hated as the bad guy. In like manner, none of the good guys seem so good that you’re as invested in them as you are similar characters in a more hard hitting western. Ain’t no women rapes or chile killin’ here to get the blood up to a decent boil.

What I got most from the movie was the knowledge I gained of Kasdan with an IMDb.com search. I had always known his was a name of some import, but I really couldn’t have told you anything he did. Well, apparently he did a lot. He wrote Raiders, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Force Awakens, and he directed The Big Chill. So, yeah, he’s a bit of a big deal. More for him.

And still, learning these things, with the hope that some of it will stick to the walls of my memory, is time well spent, but doing so wasn’t what made the whole experience worthwhile. That came from a quote on Kasdan’s IMDb page. He said:

“Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your night.”

I like that dude. He gets it.

Welcome to my world.

I hope you’re well this morning. You’ll be in my prayers.

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  1. I started to write a one word response to each sent email in this piece. But it became too difficult cause I couldn’t keep the blog and comments open at same time. But this was the first paragraph – No. Really? Why? Check!

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