The Early Readers

It’s not much past nine in the AM of a Tuesday morning, and leaving the recently posted draft takes me back to the home page, where I see that a small number of you are already here checking in and reading a bit. It does my heart so good to see those first few visits and views. It tells me that, once again, I won’t be winding up with goose eggs.

The second month of this experiment is splendidly nearing completion, and I can’t thank you enough for coming out here, and coming out early. I imagine, and even if it is a small and varying number, someone in the early part of their day has thought, “Wonder what ol’ Paul has to say this morning.”

I pray that I say good things. I pray that it’s worth your while to have stopped by, that you feel somehow better armored to go out into the world and make well the movements your life will require. I hope that something touches you or enlightens you or moves you in some small and good way.

Thanks for being here; let’s love everybody today, even the thieves of joy and the shit-heels. God loves ’em, so we should at least make the attempt. When we can’t do that, we’ll just distance ourselves, and if we can’t do that, we’ll just sing pleasant songs in our minds to drone them out.

Much love, beautiful people; I hope that you have just the most blessed day imaginable.

Thanks once more. It really does mean so much.

6 Replies to “The Early Readers”

  1. I’m glad you get something, Stace. You and Susan have been such strong supporters of this family lately, in all of our endeavors, and I can’t thank you enough.

    You’re always in my prayers, brother.

  2. Paul,
    Your messages are always inspirational and heartfelt. I’m kind of wind up reading things when they are about halfway through my day. Someday I’ll have a real job with real hours. LOL.
    Much love my friend.

    1. Cory, my man! I miss you, bro; you need to get in for a blue raspberry Long Island. I haven’t made one for anyone yet, but I’ll have to if they see it here and ask for one. I was kind of saving the first one for you, as you’re the one who usually gets the first one. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you soon.

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