Ice Cream Demons

I want to know what good it does to walk through this world and try to be good and healthy when those freakers can just go and put stuff like Peanut M and M ice cream bars in your grocer’s freezer? Where do those heinous doers of not very nice things come off tossing stuff like that, right there, at eye level, within arm’s reach, box all purtified.

Oh, you devils; you know I hate to love it when you do it like that. Shame on you indeed?

Sometimes it truly just don’t do….


(Btw, if you’re wondering what the cut off line between the old people and the young is with this piece, it is exactly this: If you had any kind of reaction to the phrase “in your grocer’s freezer,” you are old.)

6 Replies to “Ice Cream Demons”

    1. Told ya, sometimes it just don’t do to live. You shouldn’t worry about looking old though, sweetie, ‘cuz all the the ladies half your age are jealous of you.

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