September is now my month too.

For the last few years, October has been my month. It and May were the two months when I could be fairly certain that things were going to calm down enough for me to really get some good writing time throughout.

With October, you had the unpredictable months of summer leading into the return to school, which was followed, for us, by a September that was the month of our St. Jude fundraising drive. So, once I got through May, I had to make it through four months before I could get back to the writing anything like solid or regular.

This year, however, they’ve made November the focus of our St. Jude drive, and you know what that means: More for me!

So, I’m pretty jazzed to have two months ahead of me when I can really focus on my project work. The blog will of course get some of my attention, but the main focus is going to be finishing The Situation with Phillip and getting back to what comes next.

After I’m done with Phillip, my attention is going to return to a novel-length project titled The Beautiful Putrescence. This book–the manuscript already stands at 355 pages, which is 113 more pages than Phillip stands at right now–is the older of the two. I initially began it in May 2014, and those efforts, plus another longish period of time with it, have helped me get it as far along as I have. Still, it looms to be double the size when it’s finished.

I’m not sure if I ever would have finished Putrescence if I hadn’t written Phillip, and while I still can’t be certain that I will finish it, I certainly have a better shot of doing so now than I did at the beginning of the year. Before, it seemed like such a daunting task to go back and read over it to get the thread and pick back up; I thought for sure I’d need a week off from work just to give myself the necessary time. Now, bolstered by the success I’ve achieved with the writing of Phillip, I’m not worried about all of that; I’m just going to get over it and do it.

If I’m hoping Phillip is the book that will get me an agent, I’m hoping Putrescence is the one that gets me paid.

After that, I’m going to go back and pick up a screenplay titled It’s Not About Perfume, which is really about perfume; no it isn’t. That’s the one I’m hoping will really get me paid.

Still, you know what they say; if you want to see God laugh, tell Him your plans.

Thesr are my hopes for the months to come. We’ll just have to see how it goes. For now, however, I’ve got a couple me months lined up, and I’m going to do as much with them as I can.

Hope you’re well. Thanks for stopping.


2 Replies to “September is now my month too.”

  1. I love you sweet brother, and I’m so enjoying reading your blog. I’ve become quite hooked actually, and find myself waiting for new additions!

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