Pearl Jam aids the process

I’m into this proposal. I posted the hook, and I’m currently writing the synopsis, and I gotta tell you that some select live cuts from Pearl Jam are being ever so helpful. If you have computer-based pursuits today, maybe they can help you too.

I began by finishing up listening to the first of the three shows from The Gorge from 2005. All three of those shows are mind-boggling–100 songs between them, including a 37-song behemoth–and all are available on YouTube. If you want to own them, they have the entire set at the Adams County Library in Gettysburg, just waiting right there for you to take it home and burn onto your hard drive.

Now, I’m into the second show, but I digressed to play a few select cuts when I was reading the song lists. There’s a wonderful version of “Rats” from Toronto, 2011, which just shows how deep into the pocket those guys can pour themselves. (“Wedge” would be the wrong word there.) You see bassist, Jeff Ament, a lot, because he’s playing to Eddie’s right, and that dude just lets you know that he showed up to do the job, he has no doubt how to do any part of it, and if you just sit back and trust him to get the job done, he’ll get the job done.

These bands who mature well are such testament to the respect the music deserves, and this performance by the whole band shows that. We can be pleased with and proud of our musicians who make it through the early party/groupie years and get to the point where the job becomes the job.

I also listened to a few other personal favorites, which included covers of Mother Love Bone’s “Crown of Thorns” and Victoria Williams’s “Crazy Mary,” as well as “Smile” and “Off He Goes.”

So, if you happen to be looking for something to listen to and nothing else comes to mind, these are all worth a listen.

Back at it. Much love.

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