“Yes” to using Ecstacy to treat PTSD

I don’t think it will come to anyone’s great surprise to hear that my partying years included some experimentation with psychedelic drugs. I can also imagine that you’ve heard others talking about “experimenting” with hallucinogens, which meant they spent their college years straight up tripping balls.

That’s not what I’m talking about here. i made a conscious decision to see what these experiences were like and how my mind reacted to these drugs, and I tried them all enough times to answer those questions.

I tried LSD, Psilocybin (mushrooms), and MDMA, in that order, doing none of them more than seven times. With each, I used them until I didn’t want to use them anymore, and then I just stopped. Other than discovering that my body could get violently sick if I took LSD during the high heat of summer, I never had anything like a bad trip.

Still, I got to the point with all of them when I realized I’d had enough.

You know, I really can’t say that about MDMA. I don’t think I got to a point with pure MDMA. I did get to that point with a drug that was called Ecstacy, but I don’t think it was the true form of the compound, but the street form of the drug, known as molly, which is the compound cut with other substances, like cocaine and heroin.

In all, I believe I did Ecstacy five times, three of which were the real deal and two of this molly stuff. The thing was, I didn’t realize the stuff I was getting when I moved back to Charleston wasn’t the same stuff I had used in Charlotte.

I’m not certain, but I believe I did molly once to decent result when I was back in West Virginia. If that’s correct, then the second time I did it was my last.

It laid off for a bit, and I told the friend who had gotten it that nothing was happening. I don’t think I could hear his reply because I was shooting through the stratosphere.

When I came close enough to earth to talk to him, I told him that this wasn’t like the stuff we’d done in Charlotte and what I was experiencing, and he said it must have been cut with cocaine rather than heroin.

Oh…good…at least we don’t have that to worry about.

Well, I rode it out well enough–with the help of a young lady whom I literally hired as an assistant/buffer for the evening–and decided that’d be the last time I put any of that stuff in my body.

So, like LSD and mushrooms, I got to the point when I decided that I would never do molly again, but I guess I never got to that point with MDMA. So…

got any?

Seriously, I never had one piece of negative throughout my three or so experiences with MDMA. They ran out of Sprees at the 7-11 once, but nothing more traumatic than that.

The first time I did the drug–which is too lengthy to get into here–was one of the five or so experiences in my life that really made a deep impact on my ability to stay positive.

And now the Pentagon is sniffing around the possibility of using it to combat PTSD. To this, I say “yes,” or “It can’t hurt to explore it.”

And early trial of 107 combat veterans has shown that 67 percent of them exhibited no symptoms of PTSD a year after the experiment, when the other drugs that are being used, Zoloft and Paxil, which, according to John Krystal, the director for  the VA’s National Center for PTSD, might offer a 1 in 3 chance of a good response.

Ob, I know, there could be adverse side effects, but look at every drug commercial and note the potential side effects. Besides, if the best argument is that it might be harmful for you, well…

Wouldn’t it be just true to form for our PC, “Mind you don’t cut yourself, Mordecai,” country to send its citizens off to war, screw their heads all up, and then tell them we’re not going let them try a potentially beneficial remedy because it might be harmful for them.

“What?…but we…war…potentially hazardous…war…what?”

I’ll get back to this later.

Hope you’re well. Be good to each other.

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