Six-year old soccer

If I were a psychiatrist dealing with patients battling depression, I would prescribe a soccer game between two teams of six-year olds. I don’t see any way an adult, whose mind has at least the potential to work well, can leave that field with anything but good stuff in their hearts and minds.

It wouldn’t have to be soccer; it could be another sport, but I would caution against indoor sports or bad weather events. I say 6 year-old soccer because that’s where I just was, and, not only was the sport sweet and joyous, but the weather was bright and beautiful, hot even. You’re never going to hear me complain about hot days in mid-September.

And, honestly, I’m not a psychiatrist, but if you find your head somewhere you don’t want it to be, and small children playing a sport is an option, by all means, go; I guarantee you’ll have a healthier perspective when you leave.

Much love. Happy day.

2 Replies to “Six-year old soccer”

  1. Brian & I agree totally. We get our joy every year for 2 weeks watching the Little League World Series. It brings a special feeling to your heart watching those young children give everything they have to a sport they love with all their hearts.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. One of these days, when I finally get the time, the schedule really, to watch sports, the LLWS is one I’ll watch. Much love to you folks, and thanks for the almonds.

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