Jerry Before Seinfeld on Netflix

I like Jerry Seinfeld. I didn’t watch a whole lot of the sitcom to which he lent his name, but that was more about who I was rather than who he was. Still, I’ve never seen Jerry do anything that wasn’t funny.

Seeing that he has a new Netflix special-and because I’ve apparently now watched everything worth watching ever–I thought I’d give it a shot, whether it was going to make my socks roll up and down or Not.

Watching it reminded me something about Jerry, which is the kind of thing that’s easy to forget: I like the guy. His talents aside, he just seems like a generally likable guy. Who knows, the dude could be a straight up schmuck, but he comes off like a genuinely nice guy. He seems real.

I loved it when he refused to hug Kesha at that award show. It’s not that I have anything against Kesha; I don’t know anything about her, and I even had to do a search of him doing that to get her name. For me, however, it was a stand against what is fake, a stand for what is real.

It would have been so Hollywood for him just hug her and act like they’re just the best of friends, but he didn’t; rather, having been put off by the abruptness of her entrance–the man was being interviewed after all–he politely declined. This is exactly what he should have done; it was real.

Now, I’m not saying that there’s not gonna be a time when a stranger walks up and asks for a hug that you shouldn’t give them a hug, as that might happen. Still, he was in a place and in a situation where it wasn’t appropriate, and it showed class in not acting like it was.

He was just real, which is nice, and that comes off in this new special, like it always does. The piece on New York prepositions that he opens with is especially funny.

Enjoy. Much love.

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