Kudos to Arthur Blank for Mercedes-Benz concession prices

Most of us know that concessions are priced outrageously at major sporting events. And it’s not just at the Orioles or the Eagles, or even the Nittany Lions or Terrapins or UB40 at the Giant Center, but concessions pricing is even ridiculous when you go to the movies.

It has gotten so bad everywhere we go that we’ve just accepted that that’s the way it’s going to be and nobody is going to come along to do anything about it. That’s because most of us don’t know Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

Mr. Blank, in hopes to better the fan experience when they go to Falcons’ games, has set concession prices lower than anyone could imagine. I’m sure there  are people who could tell you how long it has been since prices were this low,  but I’m not one of them.

Still, when was the last time you went somewhere and got a bottomless soda for two bucks? (It costs more than that at Chili’s.) The one in the souvenir cup is $4, and there will be refilling fountains all over the stadium, just like a McDonald’s…if the McDonald’s was as big as a stadium…and if the one refilling station was multiplied throughout its concourses, of course. Of course, concourses, and concourses of course. (Sometimes I just like to have a little fun with it.)

Other items sharing the $2 price tag are popcorn, hot dogs, pretzels, and a bottle of water. I say “hot dogs”  and “pretzels” in the plural as all hot dogs and pretzels will share that price; you only get one for you two dollars though.


“Here’s two dollars; may I have some hot dogs, please?”

“Yes you may; how many would you like?”

“Um, can I get 17?”

“Yes, you may.”


But you can’t; you just get the one. Even Mr. Blank isn’t that nice.

Other prices include $3 for waffle fries, pizza (just one slice), peanuts, and nachos. If you’re buying “peanuts,” I bet they’ll give you a bunch.

Then, the one that’ll be on so many of those thirsty football fans’ minds is this: You’ll be able to get a 12 ounce Bud Light for $5; however, the concourses will of course not have refilling station. But, think about it, what fun would it be if they did? I’m not talking about the fun it would be for those who would just salivate at the thought of bottomless Bud Light, but for those of us who would get to watch them. There wouldn’t be anybody in the stands; everybody would be out in the concourses either drinking themselves into (not so) sweet oblivion or watching the comedy and carnage that ensued.

“How was the game yesterday? The Falcons won, right?”

“Man, I couldn’t even tell you. They put Bud Light fountains all over the place and me and Mildred just stayed out there with everybody else watching the drunk people. It’s a lot more entertaining than football.”


But, anyway, I am just all about Arthur Blank this morning. He’s one of the good guys, and we can only hope that he can inspire others.

2 Replies to “Kudos to Arthur Blank for Mercedes-Benz concession prices”

  1. Great article man! Concessions really have got out of hand, glad to see someone’s recognizing this issue. What’s crazier is that that stadium is brand new so you would think concessions would be even higher to raise money, luckily not! The idea of endless beer fountains had me laughing! Awesome!

    1. Ryno! Thanks for stopping by to check things out, bro, and yes, indeed the bottomless beer fountains do conjure up some fun thoughts. Thanks again, sir; glad you found something worthwhile.

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