The final text

Sometimes I don’t like to get the last text in a thread, because I don’t want the other person to think that I’m the kind of person who has to get the last text/word in. Thus, I prefer not to get the last text, let them deal with those nibbling demons, always prayerful I am that they don’t even have them.

There’s this dude I know, with whom I have to text occasionally, and he likes to get the last text in. You’d think that I’d be like, “Sweet,” but the thing is that this dude can’t close. You’ll get to a point when everything is concluded and the floor is open for him to just come in and end the interaction, and he’ll pull the punch and text something that requires another comment, and then he’ll do that about three more times before you finally make what is then a cumbersome break.

I guess we can get in that same situations with phone calls, but I think it’s more intimate with phone calls, because with phone calls you can hear the moron in their voice.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Be well, be happy, leave a little something on the table.

2 Replies to “The final text”

  1. I have a young man in my unit thats just like this. Not sure if he like to have the last word or if he’s just a chatter box. Everytime he starts going on after I’ve finished telling him what I need to tell him, he just keeps going and going. I have to tell him I’ve got an important meeting to go to, and that i’ll catch up with him later. Obviously there’s no meeting, I just need to rest my ears.

    1. It stems from some inferiority complex that men like you and I don’t have, brother. Some people don’t sit well in silence. Hey, I asked if you were a soldier, but now that I know you are, and who you are, I’ll definitely thank you for your service. Thank you for you service.

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