It’s actually excellent news

So, at 3:26 PM on September 26th, I sent out my first novel proposal. Then, promptly at 8:11 PM that same evening, I got my first rejection. This may seem like bad news–and an acceptance would have been better, no doubt–but it’s actually excellent news on so many levels.

It’s excellent news because of how quickly the response was. A response coming this soon shows that potential agents aren’t so deluged with submissions that it takes them three months to get back to you. It’s also good news because the context of the 112 word–yes, I counted them–response showed that it was written to me, rather than just being a form rejection. Those facts are so promising.

The main thing I may have taken from it, however, was the reasons for the rejection. The potential agent enlightened me about why my proposal was being rejected, and it wasn’t because of the content or professionalism; rather, he just pointed out some aspects of the business that potential agents look for, things that I haven’t delved into, conferences and website chat rooms for example. In doing so, he essentially fulfilled one of the roles that I’m looking for in an agent, he showed me some of things that I need to do to become more viable.

Having begun the fourth draft yesterday evening, I will now thread that into these new avenues that need followed, which I will weave with this pleasantly growing blog and working and being a husband and father, which I will mix with…

Ultimately, perhaps the greatest positive here is this: You have to get the rejections out of the way to get to the acceptances.

The path ahead will be difficult, but I feel so blessed. Some people wake up with no drive and no requirement, meaningless lives lived out of focus. I just couldn’t roll like that; I have to roll like this.

And so I shall. Keep me in your warm thoughts, prayers if you’re so prone, and I will hold you similarly.

Be well, lovelies. Happy Wednesday.

8 Replies to “It’s actually excellent news”

  1. That really is good news. Keep up the positive energy, it would have been crazy to get a deal on the first go anyhow. Positive thoughts for you.

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