Vietnamese reader

Early today I had a reader from Vietnam, my first. This person read–or at least clicked on–12 posts, which means he or she found something they liked. Then, they probably read until I ticked them off or they decided that I’m just altogether batty.

Still, it was cool. I hope to see them back and to learn more about him or her.

Be well, you ragers of life; I can hear you yalping.


4 Replies to “Vietnamese reader”

    1. That would be great if it is, Paulie. I know of nobody in Viet Nam, nor have I ever known of anyone to go to Viet Nam or know anyone in Viet Nam. I love learning of new people from places I know so little about. You rock even more than you used to.

      1. I checked with him to confirm. It is an Internet friend of mine. He said he was very into your writing but only had so long to read. Glad I can help share your skills with people around the world.

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