Shoulder dimples

Like most of us, I like to look good enough when I go out. I’m not a fawner or fretter (sic), but I try to color coordinate and not look too much like a doofus when I walk out the door. I think it’s respectful to others to present ourselves well, and it saves the time of answering all of those “You pick those clothes out yourself?” questions.

Still, and this is from a man’s perspective–I would never presume to try to line up with where women are on all of this–there’s a point where I cut off getting myself ready in order to save time, and that point is doing anything to get out those little shoulder dimples that the hangers make on shirts, when the season calls for looking at other parts of the closet.

I know some people wash their clothes, or at least tumble them, to get those things out, but I ain’t that dude. Sure, I’ll pull my shirt down and smooth them out while I’m still in the mirror, but you know they pop right back up in no time.

I guess that doesn’t bother me; this time of year, I don’t assume that people are thinking, “There’s a dude who doesn’t even care enough to work those dimples out of his shoulders”; rather, I assume they’re thinking something like, “There’s a dude who wants to stay warm.”

That’s all. I will say it’s good to have a wife who taught me the importance of layers of clothes; one would of thought that I’d have learned that in my first 40 years, but I just used whiskey.

Happy Sunday, friends. Love ya.


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