Thanks for a record setting September

Beautiful people, we’ve gotten three months into this experiment, and September showed more growth than I could have hoped. On this site, you read no fewer than 668 things I wrote–86 in one day. The number of actual visitors (125) wasn’t a record, but July (192) was when I got the business cards, and it’s going to be a bit before we can hope to compete with that number. (Still, I won’t hate you for trying; tell your friends, share the blog on your social media sites, whatever, I won’t be mad. Our friend Paul Zartman shared the blog on his Facebook, and the results were noticeable. The number of visitors for the month was up over August (110), which is a good indicator.

Two other benchmarks that were set last month cut closer to bone of what’s going down here. I wrote more, and you read more. I posted 44 times, my previous best had been 36, and you read on average more than five posts per visit (5.34). August’s average posts read per visit was 4.60.

So, things are shaping up. I’m hoping things keep rolling like this in the months to come. I’ll do my part; I’ll be looking to increase the number of posts over September, and hopefully you’ll find something worth your time.

Truly, thanks. It means so much.

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