Tom Petty clings to life

Earlier, this post said something different, something wrong, and I apologize to those who read the misinformation.

I now know, according to latest reports, that at 11:23 PM ET, Monday night, Tom Petty is still alive. Earlier reports were that he had been taken off of life and that he had died after suffering cardiac arrest on Sunday night. Reports are now that he is still clinging to life.

So, sorry, right now I’m praying, for others as well–every person and every family affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas come to mind of course–but I’m definitely praying for Tom. If anyone could ever pull off Mark Twain’s classic line, “The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated,” it’s Tom. The shyness, the sheepiness, the honest smile, and the wry chuckle; that line was made for a guy like Tom. I look forward to hearing him say it.

Right now, I’m going to put on his most recent record, Hypnotic Eye, which is probably in my top four albums released in the last decade. Then, I’ll put on Greatest Hits. Then Damn the Torpedoes, then Wildflowers, then Southern Accents, then….

I’ll keep you posted.

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