From the wee hours of the morning

Beautiful people,

And a lovely Thursday it is, and a lovely Thursday to you. I’ll remind you to keep it down a little in your joy that after today you will only have one more day of work, because your Thursday is Monday for some of us, and all your glee just comes off ugly.

It’s Monday morning for me right now; in fact, since it’s about 10 and I work at 4, it’s actually about 3:00 on Monday morning.


“Why in the world were you up at three o’clock on a Monday morning?”

“I don’t know.”


There will be blogging today, but the calendar literally has more things than the clock has time, and I’m just piecing it together.

Along with the normal load, I’ll be singing in church Sunday morning, so I’m rehearsing for that.

Still, I’ll be posting what was going to be my Tuesday review–I do well with the urge to call it a Saturday review. That will be a review of Stephen Simmons’s Something in Between, if you want to get a head start.

Plus, I may buy Paulie Z and Lizard a couple rounds of drinks if he comes in and tries to help me figure out why I can watch the video I made, but you can’t.

If that goes well, we may have a new aspect to this thing by day’s end.

My apologies to those who tried to find the video and failed; bear with me, it’s a work in progress.

Many thanks for your continued interest and attention. It means so much.

Whatever day it is, I hope you have a great one.


4 Replies to “From the wee hours of the morning”

  1. That made my head hurt. Lol
    I remember leaving work on a Monday night and telling you “Have a great weekend” and people sitting around the bar looking at me like…oh that poor “natural” blonde woman doesn’t even know what Day it is. Lol
    Have a great day/night/weekend/holiday/etc 😊

  2. We will meet up soon for sure to try and get it sorted out. I’m no web expert, but I have figured out quite a bit of how websites work.

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