Another record day, a record month already, and a writing job

Beautiful people, I’m going to be as brief as possible. Yesterday’s 55 visitors matched Thursday’s as the most this blog has ever seen, but you raised your number of posts read by a whopping 37, bringing the blog’s new best to 155. Much of that was generated by your shares on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thank you. Keep it coming.

Those two record days in a row helped to make October the best month already, in only 13 days. Also, the site’s number of e-mail followers jumped from 11 to 15 in those two days. (Followers, it helps me if you actually click on the site rather than just read the post in your e-mail.)

The biggest news, however, was that my LinkedIn page led to a technical writing job. It’s nothing fancy, just writing some FinTech (Financial Technology) articles for a firm in Gettysburg, but it’s one paying gig that I have to get out of the way to get to writing full time. I meet with the guy on Wednesday to see if it’s a fit, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure it is.

Today I have the St. Jude golf event at South Hills in Hanover and then work, so you’ll just be getting this update now and a poem later in the morning. Tomorrow I have church and then work, so you can expect the same.

But you cats keep doing what you’re doing, clicking on the posts, reading them, and sharing them, and on Monday I should be able to take a break from all this blog management and just write something. That’ll be nice. Growing the social media presence is one of the things that the agent told me I need to do to make myself more viable in the field, so I can accept the work of it easily enough. Still, it’s not really writing.

I would feel guilty if I asked you to take time away from your enjoyment of the weekend, but if you’ve got a little time and you want to go back through the archives and read and share something, I’m not gonna hate you for it.

As always, with love and thanks.


4 Replies to “Another record day, a record month already, and a writing job”

      1. I actually contacted the guy on a whim. I’m ‘s not my forte, but I can write and I’m a quick study. He doesn’t think I’ll have any problems.

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