“There is a Distance (Inspired by the solitary nature of the artist’s life)”–a new poem

There is a Distance


There is a distance between me and

All of those I love because

They can’t feel exactly what I feel

Or agree with all the things I think.

The old quote says that you can’t judge a man

Until you walk a mile in his shoes,

But our shoes are like the Cinderella slippers,

One size fits only one.

For any of us to try to walk anywhere

In anyone else’s would cause

blisters to form on our brains,

not quite comprehending

the thoughts that are formed

or the path that is chosen.

It would be for us to almost see

How things should be,

But just a smidge blurred out of focus.

And that’s why it has to take all kinds,

Why it can’t be inconceivable

How anyone can do or think or be anything

That is something we’re not,

That they’re just trying

to get to the same place as us,

but just doing it in

the way that only they know how

And trying to avoid the blisters.

And we go there too,

Making the trip more easily

When we realize we travel so much of it alone.

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