“Within the Sharing”–a new poem

Within the Sharing


If we’re fortunate, or blessed—

I would never call it lucky—

The poem will leave us,

Ownership claimed by others.

The process is often called “sharing,”

And the word is used in such matter-of-fact fashion,

such nonchalance,

As if it’s just the easiest thing in the world

For the poet to let the page slip out of his grasp

And into that of another.

That’s the reason it was written,

Goes the reasoning;

Why else would a person choose

To string words together

If not to share them?

Isn’t it within the sharing that

The poem fully comes to life?

Good points all,

but sometimes the writer is selfish

and wants the words for his own.

He knows that much of the potential benefit lies

Away from him, and

He distracts his mind long enough

To let the words go there,

Not overly pleased with that part of him

That wishes the words never left.

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