Record # of visitors on Wednesday and 1000 views for the month

Beautiful people,

With your sharing help, this website was visited by more people yesterday than in any day since I started it. Sixty-four people visited the site yesterday. New visitors tending to read fewer posts, we did not reach a record day for views, but that total of 121 was good enough to surpass every other day but one. The biggest news of all might have been that the site went over 1000 views for the month. The previous best was 668, and we still have 13 days to go. I could not be more pleased with the growth, and I could not be more appreciative for the help and support you give to spur it.

Thank you so very much. As always, I hope you’re finding something here that helps as you live your lives. Whether it be to laugh, think, or be reminded, I hope there’s something that makes you glad you stopped by and want to tell others of our existence.

I pray a lot, and in them all you are having a bright and blessed Thursday.


Until soon…



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