Dejected Editor

I straight up love it when the lead story on the MSN front page is a list of the most famous house in every state. And it’s ripped from Bob Vila no less.

I know it probably blows for the editor; 
“What, no hurricanes or wildfires destroying homes and taking lives? No lone gunman snapping? No car bombs on the West Bank? Jeez. Whattaya got then?” (If you’re wondering, my editor is always J. Jonah Jamison.)

“Well, sir, we have this swell piece from Bob Vila on the most famous house in every state…”

“Run it! And somebody get me some Pepto!”
One downside is this: If I were to share this fact with a lot of people in my world, they would still find a way to make it negative.
“Yep, but you gotta wonder how long that’s gonna last.”
Nope. Not me; I don’t have to do anything like that at all. All I gotta do is smile, put my feet up, and set about finding how many dumb waiters there are in the Biltmore House.

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