Post to share for Friday–Destined to Pick Up Pens

First off, thank you folks for helping this site have another banner day yesterday. With 27 visitors and 112 views, the numbers weren’t as impressive as Wednesday, but a lot of Wednesday’s traffic was fluff traffic. What I mean to say is this: we did a big sharing push on Wednesday, and it inspires a lot of people to stop in and check things out. They quickly find that this isn’t for them, and they’re gone. We had 64 visitors and 118 views, so less than two views per person. Those numbers look a lot like July’s, which were largely driven by the business cards. August got better and September got even better.

There weren’t all that many of you then, but you were reading a good bit when you came. The push this month has been designed to pick up another ten or fifteen readers who are going to be interested and stay on. That we dropped from 64 to 27 readers yesterday but only from 118 to 112 posts read shows that we’ve gained. Those of you who are coming are reading more, and a decent number of people from the social media shares came back for a second day. Think about this, while we had 64 visitors on Wednesday, yesterday’s 27 would have been a site record just ten days ago.

So, the growth is happening.

As I told people in the text club–which nobody willingly joined–yesterday’s text of a post to share was the last of that type of communication. Instead of those texts, every morning I’ll be picking a piece from the archives to share on your social media accounts, if you would continue to be so kind. That way, if you have time to come on and read or not, you know it’s there, and I do hope you continue to help spread the word, and I’m hoping that you new readers will do so too.

Today’s text to share is a recent one, but one that is near and dear to my heart. It’s called “Destined to Pick up Pens.” You can find it in the “Music” category in the archives, or you can just type the title in the search field.

Thanks again, my friends. I hope you’re having a smidgen of the fun I’m having.

PS: Oh, one more thing, I would love to know who was doing all that reading around midnight tonight (Thursday night into Friday morning). Email me at and let me know.

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