“Thoughts Inspired by Lorca”–a poem

I wrote this in October of 2005. The Lorca poem, La despedida, “The Leave-taking,” is a much better poem than this one of mine that it inspired, so if you have the opportunity to read it today, I would suggest it over this one. Since this one is in your face, however, it might do something good for you too. Warm thoughts for all the beautiful people.


Thoughts Inspired by Lorca


If I die,

bury me along the slope

of a West Virginia knoll,

my head toward the moon,

my feet toward the river.


If I die,

send me off with

a James Taylor tune,

something unexpected like

“Riding on a Railroad” or

“Only a Dream in Rio.”


If I die,

read some poems from

those master men who

soothed my soul,

shaped my craft, and fed

my love for home.

Read of Hayden’s battle with

the crystal and the spoon and

note that I too fought

battles of habit, health, and sanity,

as do we all, and I experienced

some measure of success.

Read of Borges’s love for Buenos Aires and

Sandburg’s love for Chicago.

Read anything by Eliot and

mark the point where

the poetic totem turned.

Read some Lorca,

Despedida, the “Leave-Taking,” if nothing else,

so folks will know

the idea I had to steal to create these words.


If I die,

cover the walls of the parlor with

Monets and Pollacks, and

drink in the studies of light and color,

of order and chaos.


If I die,

raise a glass to friendship and

bid me well on

the next leg of the journey,

being pleased that I’ve reached a point

when I won’t have to wrestle with

whether or not to raise a glass as well.


If I die,

smile, laugh, and

be pleased that I’ve finally been allowed

to lay down the clay;

that I’ve become one with

the wave and the ray,

the song, the poem, the painting;

that I’ve given up all need of

the freedom of knowledge and

escaped the prison of doubt;

that I’ve been allowed to say

goodbye to Adam and

hello to atom.


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2 Replies to ““Thoughts Inspired by Lorca”–a poem”

    1. Thank you, my love. I’ve gotta tell you, my site has more of a highbrow feel for me knowing that a lady as classy as you is visiting. Prayers from us. Kisses to the Captain.

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