born inside a song–new verses

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful people,

I won’t greet you, because you’ve been here all along.

I’ve just written this. It’s a wonderful start to what will prove to be an amazing week for me. Despite the freshness of these verses, that first couplet exists somewhere at the beginning of another piece,  which apparently didn’t work as well as this one does for me.

Theorists be warned, there are rhyming lines within. Going back to the preface to pulse–which I may present here later–the naysayers can denounce rhyme schemes all they want, but what they should do is realize that it all depends on your goal. Is your primary focus to make the reader think, or is it to make the reader twitch his or her backside a bit. This is just a vibe, a ditty, nothing for anybody to get riled up about at all.

I do hope this gives you pleasant thoughts, but that isn’t as strong as my hope that it makes you twitch your backside. I hope it’s the finger that points and says, “Go that way toward the music.”

Some would say this a song–and I would gladly listen to any attempts to show that–and it could be; still, these words strung together like this and spoken is no less of a song than it would be if they were sung. That doesn’t mean that, as poetry, it is something less, only something different.

Be beautiful today, friends. Want to be it and you will. And I’ll see you out there on those waves.

(And remember, it only takes a second to share it.)


we were born inside a song


we were born inside a song;

how cool is that?

we can play it all night long

and that’s a fact

we can strum the sweetest cords

and hum in place of words

and we can lie back heavy

and breathe sweetly in the cumupp



We can break lines where we want

and words in half

we can share space with the beauties

in their bath

we can see down endless rays

and ride on forever’s waves

and we can laugh ourselves

plum silly

in negativity’s aftermath.



we can live inside the laugh

the soft-paced dance

we can lose ourselves in

the sharing and the trance

we can whisper secrets till

the world around does still

and feel safe that the moment

need not quickly pass.


And for what comes next

we can clip our verses soon

no need to contemplate

a deep sigh or a swoon.

No need to bid a friend adieu

nor to think about what waits new

when the whole world lives inside

of us

in this four-walled room.



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