Best blog day ever?

When this site set a record with 156 views on the 13th of this month, I thought it was going to take a long time to top that total. It still may. Yesterday’s 154 showed that it might not be as long as I thought, however.

That total, and the other aspects of the blog, make me think that yesterday was the most successful day this site has had. Yes, when I look at the site right now, it will tell me that the 13th was the “best day ever,” and there will come a point when it is no longer so denoted on the site, but it will never be replaced by yesterday.

Still, I have to think of yesterday as the most successful day of the experiment thus far. The only other metric the site was down in was the number of visitors;  thirty-six of you visited yesterday, while 55 visited on the 13th. This seems to be a negative aspect to the data, and in a a way it is; still, it helps to shed light on a positive aspect. You read more. I can read the data as it comes in to know there were at least four people who read quite a bit, but despite that, yesterday the average visitor read 4.28 pieces, while that number was 2.84 on the 13th. People who read a lot in a sitting are almost guaranteed to come back and do it again until they’ve read it all.

Yesterday was up in likes, from two to four and in comments, from ten to 12, but the biggest improvement was in the number of countries represented. On the 13th, readers came from three countries (which includes the US) while yesterday six countries were represented. Aside from the US, the site was visited by readers from India, Greece, Spain, Ireland, and the Ukraine. The reader from India and the reader from the Ukraine have visited fairly often, but I think the other three were on the site for the first time.

The site also got two new followers, bringing the total to 19. A “yipp” and an “ee.”

So, in all, no matter how you gauge it, it was a strong day indeed. And thank you for your part in that, dear beautiful persons all of you. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate you and how much fun I’m having.

Now go outside and have some fun.

Love and ceaseless prayer.

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