“Ziggle Zaggle”–a short slam

I know this appears earlier in the site, but I just want to post something on a long day of soccer and work, for me at least, this one always does well in a pinch.

Feel free to share it.

Hope you have an excellent weekend.


Ziggle Zaggle


pride going not beyond

the bounds of the jester,

being the inner child;

days allowing not

that the soul should fester

between the righteous and the wild.

feet do step and vibe does dance

and booty sho do waggle;

rage and bounce, project and pronounce.

waggle wiggle,  ziggle zaggle


ziggle, zaggle, waggle, wiggle

and all that lies between;

celebrate life in your soul, my friend,

that’s how it was meant to be;

celebrate love and celebrate us,

your passions, and their harmony

and ziggle and waggle and wiggle and zaggle

and the very you…you be.



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