A note to new readers and old friends

Dear friends,

My social network growing, this site is enjoying first time readers every day. That behooves me to do this every so often.

If it’s your first time here, welcome. It’s good to see you.

Here you’ll find a little bit of everything. There isn’t much about politics, maybe two posts—and if you want to read those, you’ll have to find them. The categories will help you navigate the site; “Music,” “Hopefully humorous,” and “Verse” posts have probably been the most well-received. There’s even a “Video” category for those who don’t like to read so much. There are only two entries there thus far, but more to come.

I’m shopping around a novel, “The Situation with Phillip,” and a writing career on the whole. Growing my social media presence and network work toward that end. So being, search, click, read, like, comment, follow, share; it all helps me, and I’ll appreciate you taking part.

There is also a category for “The Situation with Phillip,” which includes progress reports and a synopsis. I would love to hear any thoughts you have.

My primary hope is that you find something here that somehow makes your life more livable.

That should get you started; hopefully I can keep you reading.

Warm thoughts and prayers from Dinosaur Mountain.



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