Record blog month by far

Thank you, my lovely and supportive friends, for helping this website’s traffic continue to grow. To say that October was a banner month would be an understatement.

Prior to October, the largest number of visitors had been 192, a total that we raised to 531 last month, while the most number of views moved all the way from 668 to 1832. The record number of views by foreign visitors moved from 22 to 71.

Possibly the most impressive stat of note, however, was the number of views generated through Facebook. Previously, the largest # of views that came through Facebook was a whopping three. In October, that total raised to 226, and, since I don’t have Facebook, that was all on you folks.

Thank you so much for your continued interest and support. If we keep doing what we’re doing, it’s just going to continue to get bigger. I appreciate the sharing your doing on your social media sites, and my goal is to keep writing things that somehow make a difference, in the hopes you’ll be inspired to keep sharing.

Love and thanks, friends. We’ll talk soon.

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