Slamming at the Empty Glass – Video

Happy Saturday, beautiful people. As promised, here’s another video. This one is for “Slamming at the Empty Glass.” from November 1999. Judging from the reception of the clip for “Born inside a song” yesterday, you like these. If so, there are also clips for “Pusher” and “Reasons to Slam” in the Video section of the categories. Feel free to share these, of course. Also, take a minute to read a piece or two while you’re here. “She never made it as a teacher,” from earlier this week, has been well received. If you’re looking for something humorous, “Them Little Criminals,” “Simon’s Worms,” and “Finnegan’s Lure” have all done well. If philosophy is what you’re looking for, “I Miss Dead People” and “Thoughts on Wishing” were both well received. Also, if anyone wants a lyric sheet for any of the videos, all of the pieces are presented here in written form also. Much love and many thanks, my friends. Enjoy yourselves this weekend. Until soon.



2 Replies to “Slamming at the Empty Glass – Video”

    1. Hey, I didn’t just come, brah; I brought a handle of Jack and one of those little seven ounce cans of diet coke. Thanks for stopping by, my brother. That’s what this site needs, a few more hip shooters like you, and hey, you know what I wish you would do, don’t ya?

      Hunh? hunh?

      That’s right, come back when you can stay longer.

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