On this date in history…the stuff of the troubadour’s song

While listening to talk radio–without realizing I was doing so, I assure you–I thought about the potential that a day comes when there is nothing to put in that “On this date in history…” segment. Foolish to think of such of course, as everything happens every day. That is the thought that began it. The thought that ended it was that somebody would need to write it down.



On this date in history time passed and rivers flowed

and people lived while others died

leaving people to laugh and people to cry

and deals were made and plans forgot

and late afternoon workers stared at late afternoon clocks

and folks were robbed and cops were called

because of weapons that were brandished

and the power flickered and anger was triggered

and someone went to meet

some friends down at the mall

Tests were failed while others were passed

games were played to win and loss

and countless victims were left to count countless costs

and many people ate meals

to the backdrop of the chaos

of hyperbole and cliche

On this date in history people gave their all

and were left with nothing to show for it

and children were abandoned

and repair-persons worked

on broke down things.

On this date in history

we all just tried to keep on

with the keepin’ on of the keepin’ on

an’ I ‘on’t care if it keeps ya up ’til dawn

sometimes it just ain’t nobody’s business;

that still don’t mean we don’t need a witness

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