The Ones that Go Straight In

This is for a friend named Cyril, who never liked that name. I’m guessing it was written in the spring of 2001. I’ll have new words for you on Tuesday my friends. Cindy, our day shift bartender is on vacation, which means I’m here less. Much love until soon, and say a prayer for Sonny.


The Ones That Go Straight In


I cried for you tonight,

As Antonía bade farewell to Jim

On a hill made out of ink on paper.

I was reminded of Goodbyes

And how we never think them final.

I remembered those I’ve loved

who are no more.

I started wondering about how I might feel

Toward the end of life

As I look back,

The people I’d recall

That I didn’t just then.

Then I was saying goodbye to you

all over again, old friend,

as you wrangled over the decision of

cold beer or coffee

and told stories about

things I wished I’d seen.

As I said goodbye,

Fully assured that I’d see you again,

I told you that I was going to spend

My day off on the golf course.

You reminded me not to count

The tee shots that bounce,

But just the ones that go straight in.

“An’ if that don’t happen,

well hell, just go on to the next hole,” you said.

Not long after that,

You shot yourself

To keep from being choked to death

By a bracelet on your ankle,

Leaving me to wonder

If you will be one of those

That come to mind

When my own time of passing

Draws near.

4 Replies to “The Ones that Go Straight In”

  1. Hey Paul. I enjoyed this. Was this inspired by a true story? I had a friend kill himself about 10 years ago.

    What a different world it would be if everybody, myself included, thought more about life from the end-perspective, and even more so, of course, with eternity in mind.

    1. Jim, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, this is written about a real person. Hid name was Cyril, and he was a train man by trade and a Vietnam vet. Those jungles just left him with too much crap to carry. He was a true character, one of the sweetest I ever met. You’d have liked him. Thanks, again, and God bless.

  2. Well, heck fire, bro, if you are going to keep posting those haunting poems I will just have to read you later in the day. Geesh! Heart breaking and a lovely tribute- thanks. Love you

    1. Hey, girl. Fortunately, that’s about all of my death poems. I’m sorry for any unexpected reactions. I guess I never think about that; rather, it is just a decent poem that I haven’t shared on here yet, or anywhere perhaps, and I needed to post something. I’m glad you think it is a lovely tribute; he was a lovely man. Thanks always for the support. Love ya.

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